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Tile & Ceramics

Tile Murals

Stargazer Lilies and Thistles
Tile murals can be inset, or mountedover existing tile.
RainbowHands can also supply a tile frame for your mural.
RainbowHands creates tile murals and specializes in intricate tile framing and borders. Tile can be added to any decorating scheme.

Murals are a favorite way to bring art into a living space. RainbowHands will create a mural for you using your ideas creating a unique work of art personally designed for you.
This daylily mural became a table top
Not all tile murals end up on the wall.
This mural became a table top.
Tile murals are delivered disassembled and numbered so that any tilesetter should be able to put them up. Each tile piece has been fired in a kiln so that the "paint" (actually a colored overglaze) has become an integral part of the tile's glaze.

A favorite spot to place a bouquet of flowers is behind a sink or stove or on a shower wall. It's fun to use separate small flower tiles throughout the rest of the kitchen or bathroom.

Queen of the Night tulips bloom perpetually in a tile mural
If Spring is your favorite season, we'll paint daffodils and tulips at their peak of bloom,
and they'll last all year. Whatever you choose, we'll exchange sketches until
we have your idea on paper, then paint your chosen theme.

Tile Murals are impervious to moisture and are the perfect ornament behind sinks and stovetops. Splatters are easily cleaned off, and colors never fade. Original tile murals are the perfect alternative to boring and repetitive wallpaper patterns.

A cedar waxwing feasts on the grapes
A grape arbor adorns this food preparation area.
RainbowHands painted tile wipes clean and never fades.

Tile murals can be designed to fit whatever space you have available. A theme, such as the grape arbor above, can be continued for a few tile widths or across an entire wall surface.

Tile murals can match more than just the decor. At right is a bouquet of flowers inspired by heirloom china our client inherited from a favorite grandmother.

Remembering Grandma's turkey platter

Stargazer lilies, cosmos and English ivy
A decorative mural makes time in the kitchen more pleasant. We like to add a
whimsical note where possible. Here, the bird has escaped from her cage.

Lose yourself in an underwater fantasy
There is something about tile painting that lends itself to the depiction of dreamy and liquid seascapes. The tortoise at left and the Portugese Man o' War below left are part of the same tile mural.

Tile murals can be coordinated with other decorative surfaces. RainbowHands is especially fond of using the same theme on tile murals and bathroom sinks.

Bathrooms & Basins

Sinks are an excellent surface to paint. RainbowHands' painted basins are as unique and individual as our tile murals. Many guests in the Deep Blue suite at Blue Skies Inn exclaim about the distinctive tile mural and painted sink. Click on the righthand photo below to see these installed in a bathroom.
Shower with a Portugese Man o'War in perfect safety!
Our display from the Philadelphia Home Show

Wallpaper match

Sinks are a visually intriguing surface to paint, and there is no better way to impress your guests than with art that is both durable and functional.

Illustrated above, RainbowHands plays with wallpaper or fabric themes and painted a special sink for a seashore home.

The sink on the right was painted on an Oriental theme to be installed in an exotic powder room.

Imperial Dragon with cloud and wave symbols.

Personalized Tile

RainbowHands will create tiles to remind you of the events of your life and the things that matter to you. We will paint from your photographs or create a symbolic work of art to provide you with a permanent and personal keepsake.

Vintage RainbowHands Tile
Tile can provide a permanent memento of life's transitions.Here, a couple commissioned
RainbowHands to commemorate their wedding by depicting them as vintage wines.

Home is where the art is!
We'll paint a portrait of your home or favorite view!
Every window is correctly placed!
Landmarks in old New Castle, Delaware.
If your significant other won't let you bring your toys indoors, use a tile instead.
We'll even paint your toys on tile.
Once, we painted a favorite tractor!

Painted from photographs, architecturally correct
Historic structures in Wilmington, Delaware.

Fun with Finishes

Hand painted tile offers much more than murals. Patterned tile and mixed medium formats are a RainbowHands specialty.
The Lost Marbles

Here are samples of patterned tile to demonstrate tile's potential for matching and enhancing a decorating scheme. Work varies from the very specific to the wildly abstract. For instance, the "marbled" tile above can be created to match the hues of any color scheme, either as a fully tiled surface or as a border.

Composition in Yellow

Composition in Blue

The tile compositions right and below are suitable for mounting over existing tile or within a new tile job.

RainbowHands paints one-of-a-kind tile creations to your specifications. If you're not sure what you'd like, let us suggest a few ideas for your space.
Composition in Red

Composition in Orange
Composition in Purple

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