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Information About the Artist
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The Tile Design Process

Rainbow Hands specializes in hand painting tiles and sinks
. The Artist will paint one tile or a hundred -- whatever your job requires. We can paint any subject or scene that you describe. For example, we will assemble a bouquet of flowers of your choosing, or compose a still life of your favorite fruits and vegetables. We also paint from any photo that you provide.

The Finished Product as featured in a design magazine
The Concept Drawing
We paint on any manufacturer's glazed tile using a special overglaze applied with artists' brushes. We will paint on tile that you have already chosen for your installation, or you can choose from among the blank tile in our studio. We can also create tile especially for you.

After the artwork has been completed, the tiles are fired in a kiln at 1600 degrees, making the colors as permanent as the tiles themselves.

We enjoy developing an idea with you, and will exchange design sketches with you by fax, mail or a visit to our studio. We promise that the artwork that we paint for you will always be one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated for anyone else. Whatever you choose, we will enjoy designing and painting something especially for you

Tile is painted, disassembled and fired.
The finished product installed

Handmade & handpainted tiles made for hospital corridor signs
Because every job is different, we cannot quote an average price per tile. Given a description of what you want, we will gladly price a job for you. E-mail us, phone us or make an appointment to see us in our interesting Manitou Springs studio. Hours arranged to fit your schedule.

The most important element in Tile Design is your imagination. Tile is much more than a decorating accessory for floors, the kitchen or the bathroom. RainbowHands encourages customers to envision tile solutions to all their decorating needs.

Handpainted tile is the creative solution for any area that could use a splash of color
Hand painted tile can dress up even the most sterile and institutional environment. For example, RainbowHands created and painted the tiles pictured on the left in order to add a splash of color and individuality to the signage in a hospital corridor.

We invite you to use this durable and useful art form to meet any of your decorating needs. RainbowHands will give life to your concept.

Choosing your Design

Tile Murals can be matched samples from your decorating scheme
Hand painted tile is a versatile addition to your decorating toolkit. Because each RainbowHands creation is a unique work of art, it can also be uniquely crafted to suit your decor and theme.

You can merely suggest a theme and allow RainbowHands to fill in the details, or have us match your existing decorating scheme by providing us with a swatch, as was done in the example on the left.

RainbowHands has the ability to create and integrate your personal artistic conception across a full spectrum of ceramics, furniture and painted surfaces.

RainbowHands will match any artistic theme from history in both tile mural and paint, such as the the Byzantine-garden fresco styles shown below.
RainbowHands can match ancient mural styles on tile and on any surface
RainbowHands can match ancient mural styles on tile and on any surface

We can match and extend even the most exotic decorating schemes, as was done with the Chinese Imperial dragon sink below. Sinks can be made to match tile, tile to match sinks, or sinks and tile can be created to match even the most complicated and stylized decor.

Ceramic basin with an Imperial Dragon

Why not have your basin match your decorating scheme?

Matching a ceramic surface with your decorating scheme creates a startling and unexpected novelty for your guests. Rainbowhands gives you the ability to continue your decor across a variety of surfaces and decorating areas.

Click here for more detail of hand-made sink tiles
Click on the image for more detail on the specially created tile overlay above the sink
Tile and paint surfaces don't require that you re-do your entire room. RainbowHands tile decoration can be installed over existing tile surfaces. In the example below, RainbowHands broke up a Stargazer-Lily mural into three parts, then framed and mounted it in a beautiful tryptych over the existing tile.
Pictured on the left, a RainbowHands mural breaks across boundaries to enfold the existing black tile into a jungle theme. RainbowHands hand-made tile flora over the sink completes the image of a wild, colorful forest that recognizes no limits on its growth.

Rely on RainbowHands to make all of your wildest decorating dreams come true!

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