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Full sized trees and a garden enliven the walls at the Benedictine School
RainbowHands' interior mural at the Benedictine School for Exceptional Children.
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Detail of the model made for the Benedictine School
One of RainbowHands' favorite murals came into being when a generous patron donated a wonderful playhouse to The Benedictine School for Exceptional Children in Ridgely, Maryland.

Grateful parents raised money for a mural. The interior was painted as a Secret Garden enclosed by a white picket fence. The soaring ceiling lent itself to painting full sized trees. Exit doors became trellised entrances to the garden.

If your job requires it, RainbowHands will create models, similar to the ones we used to plan the Benedictine School mural.

Models allow you to visualize the finished mural and to provide the artist with your aesthetic input before any work is undertaken. Models are invaluable tools planning and creating a large mural.

Curious parents and Benedictine School patrons peered throught he windows of these models

RainbowHands was startled to find two extra doors in the actual structure!

One of our favorite memories is watching patrons and parents of the Benedictine School peering through the windows of the model shown here.

Nursery kites -- notice the box kite on the right Baby looks upon a festival of kites
A Dragon Kite
Of course, RainbowHands is not limited to large murals. Shown above are photos of a RainbowHands mural created for new parents in order to welcome their first child into a nursery featuring a celebration of kites in a blue sky. His mom made him white puffy curtains that looked like clouds in the same blue sky.

Isadora Duncan:  "If I could tell what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it."
The hallway in this Arden, Delaware, award-winning home

Sometimes it's fun to give a hallway a grander look by painting it as marble. And why not state your philosophy of life at the same time?

But really, was this whimsical hallway enough preparation for a living room painted in nine different shades of aqua to look like copper patina? The magazine "Delaware Today" seemed to think so.

Cover of "Delaware Today" magazine

These images of the Ferdinand's Garden Suite at Blue Skies Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado, show that mural work does not have to be epic in scale. Here the theme of Stargazer lilies and thistle is subtly introduced by painting several bouquets on the bedroom wall, and then continued on the bathroom tile.

Stargazer and thistle bouquet over the mirror in Ferdinand's Garden

Mural over the headboard in Ferdinand's Garden
One of several tile murals from the bathroom in Ferdinand's Garden - for another example, click here

The Sunset Suite at Blue Skies Inn is painted from floor to ceiling with cumulus clouds underlit by a gold and rose-tinted sunset.
The Sunset Suite at Blue Skies Inn

Indian Petroglyphs from the Indian Rock Art Suite
The Indian Rock Art II Suite mural on the left and below left features Anasazi petroglyphs in a southwestern theme. This theme is carried over the entire suite, with petroglyph tiles adorning he bathroom.

The sensation of being in a remote southwestern sandstone canyon is produced by utilizing hand painted tile, textured tile, and a variety of paint techniques.
The Petroglyph theme is extended into the bathroom decor -- notice the triple tile frame
Twining and reaching vines cover bedroom walls in the Morning Glory Suite, below. RainbowHands painted the Morning Glory faux finish during a dark Winter, just before the Spring equinox.

Perhaps the artist's own yearning for Spring flowed into the painting. Blue Skies Inn guests have sworn that the morning glory vines grew new leaves overnight!

Eager Morning Glory vines search for Spring

RainbowHands petroglyphs are accurate and anatomically correct!

The Jungle Mural, one of three at the MBNA Employee Child Care Center Click here for mural detail photo # 4 Click here for mural detail photo # 3 Click here for mural detail photo # 5 Click here for mural detail photo # 2 Click here for mural detail photo # 1
RainbowHands' jungle mural at the MBNA Employee Child Care Center.
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The folks at MBNA had seen the Benedictine School murals, and commissioned some for their new employee's childcare center in Newark, Delaware.

As shown in the model, there were three large areas to be decorated in different themes.

Model of the Jungle Mural
The MBNA corporate supervisors chose another "Secret Garden" theme for the large playroom. The connecting hallway became an undersea fantasy, and the front playroom was a tropical jungle, complete with monkeys and exotic birds.

Whatever your wall surface, RainbowHands would like to paint something on it for you!

A large corporation didn't see ANY irony in this detail from the undersea mural.

The full model -- notice the octopus, center left

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