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Hand Painted Furniture

Extend your decor into the 3rd Dimension!

RainbowHands will hand paint furniture to meet your decorating needs. Hand painting furniture gives you the ability to extend your decor into the third dimension of your decorating space. RainbowHands is experienced at complimenting existing decorative themes.

On the left you can see how repainting a blond dresser moves the undersea theme of the Deep Blue Suite at Blue Skies Inn out from the wall and into the living space of the suite.

Incidental pieces can supplement and enhance a decorating theme

Of course, hand painted furniture does not have to exactly match the decorating style of your two dimensional surfaces such as walls and tile. Carefully crafted and strategically placed items of hand painted furniture can crystalize and clarifiy thematic elements that are more abstractly treated elsewhere.

For instance, the fish-painted incidental cabinet shown above right could have been placed to compliment the more abstract undersea theme of the Deep Blue Suite.

On the other hand, you may just want to have some fun with your decor. Pictured on the right is the door to the garage in a Delaware home.

The real glass shelves, books and plants are on the right hand side of the photo.

When is a door not a door?
RainbowHands continues a theme done in curtains and rope elsewhere in the room
Occasionally a decorative scheme requires that the theme be worked into the cabinetry. On the left is an example of how a wall-treatment can be carried over into a space that is normally off-limits to decorators.

RainbowHands uses any number of faux finishes and painted decorative details to create a completely custom piece that will compliment and extend your chosen decor.

Furniture presents wonderful surfaces to be painted. Sometimes a room needs a whimsical piece full of shooting stars like the stacked boxes shown below. While RainbowHands no longer constructs custom furniture, these samples will give you some idea of just how adaptable and flexible the medium is.

We've painted another piece, shown on the right, the "Cosmic Event Wardrobe."

The "Cosmic Event Wardrobe"
Guess which box houses Schroedinger's Cat!
Hand Painting allows you to combine the abstract and specific
Put your moon on the Moon with a hand painted rocker!
Why not decorate with your own Sky-in-a-Box?
Never forget to buy eggs again!
Whatever the shape or size of your furniture, whatever surface you want to paint, RainbowHands has a solution. We will tackle any surface that will allow paint to adhere, such as the refrigerator doors shown on the left.

Don't limit yourself to traditional and prefabricated furniture finishes. Why shop for a finish when you can get exactly the finish you want on exactly the furniture that suits your space? With RainbowHands, the only limit is your imagination!

Frog Ballet on another incidental piece

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