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"RAINBOW HANDS" is the name that American Indians of the Southwest gave to their artists. Many Native American petroglyphs are signed by adding the artist's handprint to the mural. We have adopted the name because we love the idea of hands that create rainbows.


Tile borders radiate heat, and can be both functional and beautiful

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RainbowHands specializes in hand painting. We can paint any subject or scene that you desire on tiles, walls or furniture. We create original art especially for you! We do not require you to select from a set of pre-designed patterns or decals.

For example, we will assemble a bouquet of flowers of your choosing, compose a still life of your favorite fruits and vegetables, or create a tropical forest on your walls.

The photo on the left shows how RainbowHands is attentive to even the smallest details of a mural.

We also paint from any photo that you provide. We paint entire rooms or the smallest decorative enhancement.

RainbowHands will tile or paint any surface on which tile glue or paint will adhere. We specialize in wall murals that extend across furniture and other, unexpected surfaces, such as the refrigerator doors shown at right.

Even if you decide that hand painted tile does not suit your needs, we can design a bathroom or other tile layout for you. RainbowHands' unique tile framing and jewelled grouting is shown in the detail shot from Blue Skies Inn's Starlight Suite bathroom below.

Does a refrigerator have to LOOK like a refrigerator?
Tile framing, jeweled grout, tile murals and a hand painted sink adorn the bathroom of the Deep Blue suite at Blue Skies Inn
However you choose to enhance your living space, RainbowHands has the tools to incorporate your design into tile, furniture and other painted surfaces. We enjoy developing an idea with you, and will exchange design sketches with you by fax, mail or a visit to our studio.

We promise that the artwork that we paint for you will always be one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated for anyone else, a welcome change from the cookie-cutter world of home decoration.

Whatever you choose, we will enjoy designing and painting something especially for you.

Because every job is different, we cannot quote an average price. Given a complete description of what you want, we will gladly quote a job for you. E-mail us, phone us or make an appointment to see us in our interesting Manitou Springs studio. Hours arranged to fit your schedule.
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